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Sharing and Caring

Windy Brushes of Northern Illinois has a long philanthropic history. One of its goals is to contribute time, talent, and donated items to help others in need through its Sharing and Caring program. This goal has been implemented through the following activities. Windy Brushes of Northern Illinois:

Contributes annually to the National Museum of Decorative Arts for the purpose of conservation, restoration, and preservation of its collection.

Contributes annually to the Society of Decorative Painters Scholarship fund to encourage education in decorative painting and the Society of Decorative Painters Foundation General Fund.

Collects cold weather clothing (hats, mittens, gloves, coats, etc.) for area shelters and resource centers.

Each September collects art supplies for children in local church sponsored pre-school programs.

Collects toiletries, used books and phone cards for veterans at Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital .

Collects pet supplies for a local shelter.